A Good Laugh and a Long Run

A good laugh and a long run can cure just about anything.

For reals though… We all know that exercise does a body good and helps release stress and tension. A long run can give you time to clear your head and let you focus on you for a while. Take a break from the world and get out and run! You won’t regret it.

Another good way to unwind is through laughter! There are some amazing benefits about laughter that might surprise you! For starters, laughing lowers cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a stress-induced hormone that suppresses the immune system, increases blood pressure, and can lead to unwanted belly fat. Too much stress isn’t good for your body, so fight it with a good laugh. Another great thing about laughing is that it makes your immune system stronger! Scientists have found that laughing can boost your immune system as much as 40%! Who knew?! Even just anticipating something funny can strengthen your immune system, so keep life funny, take long runs, and don’t be afraid to laugh out loud!

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