Get your down dog on!

The Color Run is proud to present a totally new way to get your down dog on . . . Soul Pose!

Get ready for a yoga experience like never before! Soul Pose brings the party to your mat. Fresh music, colorful streamers, happy bubbles, and thousands of your new yogi friends posing together. This is Freaking. Awesome. Yoga. This is Soul Pose.

If you’ve never set foot on a yoga mat, Soul Pose is the perfect place to give yoga a try. The great thing about Soul Pose is that anyone can do it! Designed for all skill levels, Soul Pose is the perfect place to get your yoga groove on for the first time. More than 70% of Soul Posers are new to yoga. Or if you are a seasoned guru, we’ve got you covered with exciting and fun photo opps. Get ready to bust a move and love your body with thousands of new Soul Pose friends. We encourage you to relax and enjoy the Soul Pose experience by giving the other posers high fives and encouragement, taking selfies and singing along when your favorite tune comes on.

Everyone will receive their very own YoGifts package with registration. Including Soul Pose mat, hand towel and bracelet. Get there early with your posse cover yourself in tribal paint and bring your party to the mat.

Check out the website for when Soul Pose is coming to a city near you.





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