The Color Run was founded in the USA in 2011 as an initiative to promote healthiness, happiness and individuality by bringing communities together to participate in the “Happiest 5k on the Planet”! We are the world’s original paint race; The Color Run is the event that initiated a completely new genre of fitness events that has taken the world over in a great big rainbow storm! With more than 300 events in more than 50 countries under our belts, we are the largest event series in the world, and we’re growing every day!

The Color Run made its Australian debut in November 2012 at our first ever Melbourne event. Since then, we’ve done more than 53 runs in more than 17 communities. We have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to unite rural and metro communities alike, and every year we look for new ways to spread happiness to as many Australian’s as possible.

In fact, these past few years have seen us spread our unicorn-magic infused brand of joy in all different kinds of ways! In 2015, we brought our first ever nighttime run to the people of Australia! Featuring glowing neon colours and a non-stop dance floor, The Color Run Night really has coloured up Australia’s nightlife! We also brought out the country’s inner sparkle with The Color Run Shine World Tour! In 2016, we brought a 5k holiday to the people with the Tropicolor World Tour, and in 2017 we are bringing your dreams to life with The Color Run Dream World Tour!

In 2017, Australia will also welcome The Color Run’s first ever sister event! The Color Movement, presented by The Color Run, is a brand new, all-ages colour festival series. The Color Movement will see you dance, jumping around in rainbow magic, clouds of fairy-floss foam, epic colour throws and the best tunes on the planet!

All our events are built on our three core beliefs:
1. Healthiness – While our events are all about having fun, we also want to help and encourage everyone who participates to lead a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally. With more than half of all Color Runners being first-time 5k runners, we have made a serious impact on the nation’s fight for health and wellness. We hope that all our event provide participants with an opportunity to kick-start their active lifestyles!

2. Happiness – Seeing just how many smiles we’ve been able to put on people’s faces over these past few years is an absolutely indescribable feeling – it really is our greatest achievement yet, and the pursuit of creating happiness drives us every day. If you’ve never been to one of our events, it’s almost impossible to put the sense of pure joy that is present into words. Join our world – we’d love to have you here!

3. Individuality – We live in a world of endless variety, and that’s an amazing thing. Whoever you are, whatever your story; we believe that you are fierce, strong and magical, and the events we produce celebrate that. Our events celebrate you.

Giving Back

As a for-profit event management company, we are extremely lucky that we have the opportunity to partner with charities. We want to shine a light on all their amazing work and also raise awareness of their cause. We’re very proud to say that we have raised donations for more than 50 charities within Australia since 2012.
In fact, to date, The Color Run in Australia has donated more than $1.5 million to charity.
If you’re, interested in nominating your charity for one of our upcoming events, click here.
The Color Run and The Color Movement have been brought to Australia by Aratis Events. We are a Sydney-based premium events company who do everything we do in the name of happiness.

We deliver experience. We create joy. We want the world to be a happier place.