It’s hard to find affordable family activities that actually feel special that we can all enjoy together.
karly - Gold Coast, Age 31
I love stuff I can do with the kids but is also fun for us grown-ups too. This is great day spent with the family.
Kristine - Melbourne, Age 32
My daughter is about to do her HSC and this is my way of reminding her that life is not all about tests and marks, but about love and fun!
Brad - Adelaide, Age 47
We don’t get much cool stuff like this (in wollongong). It is such an awesome day!
Taylor - Wollongong, Age 19
Jen - Sydney, Age 16
Last year I had spinal fusion surgery due to scoliosis. Now I have metal rods and screws around my spine, but I feel better and stronger than ever! Working out, running and The Color Run keep me fit and inspire me!
Maggie - Perth, Age 41
Today I did my first ever Color Run. I got blisters, lost my shoes, covered head to toe in a rainbow of colourful glittery powder, swam in pink foam AND splattered in green slime... but it was totally worth it!!
Sjana Elise Earp