Rainbow. Grilled. Cheese. 😲

Finally… real life is BETTER than your dreams. This Rainbow Grilled Cheese sandwich is the magical meal you’ve always wanted — and you can make it yourself! The best part? It’s as easy as… well… making a grilled cheese sandwich. 

Shredded cheese of your choice (we like mozzarella best for this recipe!)
Sliced bread of your choice (we recommend sourdough)
Food coloring (our favorite colors for this are blue, green, pink and purple)

1. Separate the cheese into four bowls. Add one color to each bowl and mix until the color is as bright as your dreams (a little goes a long way, so just a few drops should do the trick!).
2. Butter one side of each piece of bread. Place one slice butter-side down in a heated pan.
3. Add cheese from each bowl to the sandwich. We think placing the cheese in four rows on the bread works best, but feel free to be creative with the design, order, etc.
4. Add the second slice on top of the sandwich and flip it over (carefully!) when the bottom side is golden brown.
5. Now pull, bite, stretch and enjoy your magical sandwich! And don’t forget to post on Instagram


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