The Color Run this year is all about LOVE and COLOR and what better way to celebrate completing the Happiest 5k on the Planet than to hold the ULTIMATE Color Run After Party!


It all starts with...

The Decorations:

Here is an example of an easy DIY decoration idea!
Tassel Garland: Instructions Here


Next comes...

We all know how we can be on an empty stomach! HANGRY and GRUMPY! So let's fill those bellies after a fun active day with some delicious colourful meals!


Starter: Color Food Board
Examples here

Main:  Rainbow Pizza
Recipe Example

Dessert: Rainbow Layer Cake
Recipe Example


And finally, we add extra FUN with ...

Games should be created for all ages to enjoy! So gather the whole family for this!

Color Run Stretch - Our homemade version of the game TWISTER.
Lay down an old white bed sheet and pain some large colorful dots in random lines. 5 Large Dots per line.
Have 2 bowls prepared: 1 with all the colours cut-up separately on pieces of paper and 1 with Right Hand/Right Foot/ Left Hand / Left Foot on separate pieces of paper.
4 Players will be on the sheet and those watching will one by one take turns pulling 2 pieces of paper out of the bowls. One from Bowl 1 and one from Bowl 2
The results of the drawn paper will be given to the Players to complete. Each player takes it in turn, to receive a new set of instructions each time. Players must hold their positions until they move in the next round.
The last player up balancing wins. Players who fall to the ground trying to complete instructions are out!

Make your own Pinata: Instructions Here

Pin the Tail on the Unicorn: Be creative as you want here. Print out a large unicorn image and create a tale out of Fake Hair Extensions / Feathers / Rope to be pinned onto the image. Have a blindfold ready and spin the player in 3 circles before guiding them slightly in the direction of the image.

Rainbow Candy Relay: To play this game, you will need two bowls of small, colourful candy such as skittles.
Place the two bowls of candy on one side of the room.
Next, place two empty bowls on the other side of the room.
Divide guests into two teams. Give each team a spoon.
The object of this game is for players to use the spoon to transfer the rainbow candy from the full bowl to the empty one.
This is done by teammates in relay-race-style, and the first team to move all of their candy wins the game!


Enjoy your ULTIMATE Color Run After Party and be sure to share all of your images with us by tagging @thecolorrunaus or #TCRAUS on Instagram